United Irish Cultural Center

The United Irish Cultural Center September 2016

Hi there

Welcome to our first ever blog posting for the United Irish Cultural Center. Whether you’re a member, a casual visitor or just curious to know more about our Center, we hope you enjoy the experience and feel a part of and become informed about what’s happening at the Center and all the great events happening here in the coming months. We have a busy restaurant and bar, with live music each weekend, regular concerts, functions and activities that attract people from all across San Francisco and the Bay Area

Let me briefly introduce myself. I’m Donagh McKeown, Marketing, Promotions and Programing person for the UICC. I’ll be your guide over the coming days, taking your through what has and will be happening in our eventful building. Look at it as an inside look at the diary of an organization, telling the story of our members and all activities that happen under our roof. We’ll have stories, photographs, and the occasional video to show. In time we may have your stories and photographs to share also.

Emerald Restaurant at the United Irish Cultural Center

Our Emerald Restaurant at the United irish Cultural Center

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