Vision & Future

The United Irish Cultural Center serves as a focal point for the expression of Irish culture through a variety of activities, events, and programs, which promote and showcase Irish culture in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We aim to cultivate and expand the cultural bonds of Ireland throughout the west coast of the United States through our commitment to providing excellence in cultural programming in areas that include music, theater, literature, and language. Through creating and maintaining community partnerships with other Irish oriented organizations, individual artists and performers, and educational and cultural institutions, the Irish Cultural Center will continue to broaden its offerings and its networks.

The UICC is a permanently chartered 501(c)3 non-profit organization that relies on private, corporate, and grant support.

Project 2025 Building

In December 2023, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted unanimously in favor of the Project 2025 building plans for a complete redevelopment of the existing Irish Center on 45th Avenue in the city’s Sunset District.

Six stories above ground with two subterranean levels for parking and an aquatics center, our reimagined Irish Center boasts a spacious lobby that welcomes visitors to experience a host of activities. The heartbeat of the Center will be its extensive library, museum, and digital gallery with educational resources, interactive exhibits, and scholarly research available to everyone. The Center will feature multi-use event space, pubs and fine food offerings, a gym, theater, and office and meeting spaces. 

“The Center will feature multi-use event space, pubs and fine food offerings, a gym, theater, and office and meeting spaces.  “We want to exemplify the best of both the future and the past,” says Liam Reidy, UICC Board President, “sharing our history and traditions and continuing to build relationships with all of the cultures in San Francisco with whom the Irish have been partnering since the 1800s.”

“Let us join hands and hearts in this remarkable journey to keep our culture alive and thriving. Together, we can create a lasting legacy that will inspire and unite our community for years to come,” says Reidy.  “It’s a great day for the Irish of the Bay Area to celebrate our history and our future.”

Liam Reidy

UICC Board President

Plans for a New Building

Buoyed by the success of Wawona Gates and armed with a renewed sense of commitment in fostering community UICC leadership found themselves at the threshold of a new era. Faced with the limitations and challenges of an aging facility and to meet the needs of the members, community, and programming vision for the Irish Center, a 120,000 square foot redevelopment project was introduced to be a new home for the Irish and Irish American cultures in San Francisco.


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