“Patience is a virtue, and IlearninpatienceIts a tough lesson”.  – Elon Musk

Our Center’s Board and I have heard so many encouraging words from members about the new vitality at the Center, yet we certainly wish things could happen even faster.

Your Board is focused on making progress, and things that will absolutely get done in the months and years ahead.

Here’s a short list of accomplishments:

  • We’ve hired Robert Sparks, as our first Executive Director. Robert has patiently observed how the Center operates, and is now poised to introduce several positive changes.
  • As of January 1, 2017 we can receive tax-deductible contributions, and some of you have generously stepped up beyond the Annual dues payments.
  • A new Communications Director starts with our Center on May 1st, and you will be delighted by our new community outreach.
  • We are finalizing on a choice of Architectural Advisors to help formulate a 5-year Building enhancement plan, with incremental steps along the way. We are hoping to achieve some of our enhancement goals this summer, and will strive to remain open while the work is done. Final details are not available to share at the time of this message, so watch our website for updates.
  • We are finalizing plans to enhance our Technology infrastructure at the Center, including dramatically improved wifi and cell phone accessibility to attract more banquets and corporate events that rely on internet access.
  • We are creating more activities to bring younger members and families to the Center, including monthly dinners/tasting events, and cultural programming that will interest all generations.
  • We will be building bridges to our Irish Sports Organizations, and all other Irish Community organizations to create better coordination of activities that are so important to the greater Irish Community.

Thank you for your patience as we make progress, and please reach out to Jo Coffey, Caitie O’Shea, Bill Luqué, or me if you’d be interested in learning about Committees we are forming and Board openings that will be coming in the Fall. We respect your time, and these positions don’t take a huge amount of time.


Michael Barnacle & the Board