Dear Members,

Progress is happening at the Center!

We are looking forward to inviting you to community update meetings in the coming months. Our conversion to a 501c3 Non-Profit is already showing positive results in attracting more contributions to the Center that are fully tax-deductible. We sincerely thank all of our Members for your support and generosity.

To date, we have received over $130,000 in 2017 Membership Dues, and additional outright donations from Members of $14,000 in cash and another $10,000 in pledges towards our developing long-range plan, called the Generations Fund. Again, all of these payments are now tax-deductible and we appreciate your ongoing generosity.

Recent building improvements include the new Awning out in front (lettering coming soon), through the generosity of the 32/50 Club, and we’ve painted the exterior of the building, and our interior hallways.

Other things to watch for:

  • We will have a new Chef in May, with updates to our Menu.
  • Member Donations are welcome as we evaluate various projects around the Center that we believe will attract more banquets, corporate meetings and wedding business.
  • We will kick off a formal short-term fundraising campaign soon, and any tax-deductible contributions from our Members now will be most appreciated.
  • Our long-term fundraising plans are still being evaluated, and we will update our Membership as we have more details to share. We have experts studying the structural components of the Center for areas of improvement and/or expansion to provide additional space for more programming.
  • Proposals are also being obtained for new flooring in the St. Patrick’s Room to replace the carpeted areas.
  • Painting, stage upgrades, and new curtains are also on our radar for the St. Patrick’s Room.
  • New chairs for the St. Patrick’s Room have been recommended and are also being evaluated.
  • New bathrooms on the first floor appear to be a bigger project than we thought, with proposals due soon.

We appreciate your support and welcome your participation at Center events.

All the best,

Michael Barnacle, Board President