Dear Members,

The month of May is upon us. The lingering memories of the UICC Uprising Centenary Celebration instill in us a sense of respect and appreciation for those who have gone before to establish the Ireland that is a deep source of pride for all of us as Irish-Americans and Irish-Irish!

This month’s General Membership Meeting (May 26th at 7:30 pm) will be a pivotal time as we join together to elect three Board members to join the four Board members who will continue to serve out their terms in office. On that subject, I would like to specifically recognize Michael “Mike” Bowler who will be leaving the Board at this time. Mike, a member of a UICC Charter family of Bowlers, has worked tirelessly on behalf of the Center. In serving the Board office of treasurer, he has established reports that add clarity to the Center’s financials that is appreciated by all. He has served the Center in working on necessary reports and repair work that has saved the Center thousands of dollars over the years. Mike Bowler is “one in a million” and while he will be missed on the Board, he has promised to continue to serve on the Operations Committee and, perhaps, if we are fortunate, return to Board membership in time. From the bottom of our collective hearts, THANK YOU, MIKE BOWLER!

May and June are generally celebratory months at the Center. I respectfully remind all to make reservations for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and the wonderful celebrations for end-of-school occasions. (I would say “graduations, but my grandson is leaving elementary school to go on to middle school and the teacher reminds all that the occasion is a “promotion” not a graduation! Needless to say, we are having a family “promotion” celebration at the Center!)

May is scholarship award month at the Center as the Irish Cultural Centre of California has its annual award session for eighth and twelfth graders. Special thanks to Peggy Nevin for superb coordination of the outstanding competitors and also to a host of volunteers for follow-through activities for this very special annual occasion on May 12th.

Baseball season is in full swing now, and our large television screens will allow all to actively engage with the home team or glance at the score with a good view whether one is at the bar, in the dining room or in the Members’ Room. The large television screens are the courtesy of the Irish Cultural Centre of California, our “sister” organization.

Hoping to see many of you at the Annual General Meeting May 26th,

Judith Kell

President, UICC Board of Directors