This is one of the most difficult Bulletin messages that I have written in the last four years. Essentially, it is one of thanks and grateful thoughts as we move onto new leadership for our United Irish Cultural Center Board of Directors.

It has been my pleasure to be the President of YOUR UICC Board of Directors. There have been so many issues of significance that have been brought to the attention of our very special members in recent years, and it is with a great deal of satisfaction that the Board that served during that time is able to look back and celebrate.

As mentioned in the last Bulletin, Michael Bowler, an incredible UICC “mover and shaker”, is stepping back from Board membership as is Megan Cummins who has served with a strong voice of reason and support during the years of my Presidency. Both of them have been instrumental in putting down the groundwork for moving forward. Special thanks to both of them for their steady caring and dedicated work on behalf of the UICC.

June is a month of celebration at the Center. Graduations, Fathers’ Day, Weddings and other family celebrations to be dearly remembered are ongoing even as you read these words. We are open for your enjoyment and cultural experiences all through the coming summer. We so look forward to seeing one and all during those special months at the Center.

Thank you for your critical support during the immediate years past and for the ongoing support as we move forward. I look forward to continuing to see and greet all of you at our United Irish Cultural Center.

With unity and caring,

Judith Kell

President, UICC Board of Directors