The Board and our Committees are working hard to prepare for what we hope will be an exciting new year for the Center in 2019. In January, we transition to new Board leadership and anticipate the election of Anne Cassidy Carew, a long standing member, as our new Board President.

We would love to see our entire community join in our optimism for the future, since the Board cannot accomplish much without your personal commitment to the Center, including paying our modest membership dues, volunteering or making donations.

We have an Asset worth millions of dollars that can be preserved and rejuvenated into a thriving Center of Irish Culture in San Francisco for the benefit of future generations.

We believe, that with your commitment, we can make steady progress in preserving our current investment in the building and keep our community coming to the Center to celebrate friendship and special occasions, all while creating a long-term vision and strategic plan.

For example, we would like to make some near-term improvements to rejuvenate the Member’s Room to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, including couches, chairs, tables, a coffee machine and tea service, and other improvements. It would become a place where Members can gather during Center business hours with other members and their guests, a potential new component of Membership benefits!

However, with estimates of about $20,000 for this project, it would take 154 Membership renewals out of our roughly 1,100 Active Members just to cover this small cost for the Member’s Room. Perhaps we can find a Sponsor for the entire project, wouldn’t that be awesome? If interested in becoming a sponsor please contact a board member.
We’re also working on concepts to create a direct connection from the Center into the Dowling Library so it will be easier to experience the amazing collection of books and historical artifacts collected over the years. We will be working with interested Members to create this vision and a fundraising plan.

Stay tuned for other initiatives that will provide monthly Membership gatherings to include food, cocktails, and special cultural presentations, including whiskey tastings, all to be developed by the Board and other volunteers.
We appreciate your patience as we work through so many details to ensure that the transition to the new way of operating at the Center will be seamless for our members and friends. Please join us on January 10th at 7:30 to learn more and bring suggestions and solutions for the upcoming year.

Here’s an update on some other things to expect starting January 1, 2019:

  • Please enter the Building through the Front Door Entrance Only so we can control access and the security for our employees and members. Please also check-in at the Office by the front door and sign-in to our Membership Book.
  •  Our Catering and Event Package will be posted to our Website soon! We are working out all the pertinent details with Knight’s Catering, a Local 2 Union operator, that is the only approved caterer at this time per the union. We are continuing discussions with the union to find additional solutions that will allow us to attract more opportunities for cost effective room rentals and catering packages at the Center.
  •  Our Staff: As part of the transition we will regrettably be saying goodbye to two very long-standing and loyal staff members, Teresa Moore and Mary Magee. We wish them well on their new adventures.
  •  As of January 1st we will have two employees on site:
    • Marcus Tolero, Marketing and Event Manager. Marcus will coordinate space availability with you and connect you with our Catering resource and other services to enhance your event experience at the Center. He will also be on-site to welcome our Clubs on our Tuesday and Wednesday evening “Club Meeting Nights”, or at other times by appointment.
    • Ligia Torres, Membership and Accounting Director, already well-known to many of you, will keep our books in shape, work with our outside Auditor, and oversee our Membership services.
  • Board and Member Volunteers. We need you! Please contact Marcus Tolero to learn about ways that you can get involved.
  • 2018 Board & Officers Departing from the Board: We will say goodbye to 5 dedicated Board Members this year, Bill Luque, Jo Coffey, Caitie O’Shea, Valerie McGrew, and James Sweeney. We are fortunate that they will all continue to support the Center by participating on various committees going forward.
  • 2019 Board and Officers: Anne Cassidy Carew has the full support of our Board Members for the role of Board President, which will be voted on during our first Board meeting in January. Board members include: Michael Barnacle, Michael Bowler, Josephine Brogan, Anne Cassidy Carew, Shannon Durkan, Brian Gaffney, Patricia Hayes, Jim McFadden, Rebeca Moran, Peggy Nevin, Maggie Overbay, Patrick Shannon, and Patrick Shannon, Jr.
  • Regular Hours of Operation for the Members Room, Offices & Library:
    • Tue 1:00 PM – 9:00 PM | Members Room Open, Club Meeting Night
    • Wed 1:00 PM – 9:00 PM | Members Room Open, Club Meeting Night
    • Thu 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM | Members Room Open. Library: 1:30-4:30
    • Fri 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM | Members Room Open. Library: 1:30-4:30
    • Sat 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM | Members Room Open. Library: 1:30-4:30
    • Sun Closed
    • Mon Closed
  • Office Location: Please say hello to Marcus and Ligia when you enter by the front door. Ligia and Marcus will be found in the two offices at the main entrance. We may repurpose the current office space as a Meeting Room.
    Members Room:
  • The Members Room is open to Members and their Guests at no charge (not intended for meetings) during our scheduled hours, unless scheduled for a special event, in which case we will provide an alternate space for members to gather. Come and read, play a game, or simply relax with fellow Members and friends. Coffee and tea service will be provided throughout the day in the Member’s Room. Please sign in at the Member’s Room upon arrival and note the name of your guests.
  • Club Meeting Nights: All Irish Clubs and Organizations are welcome and we ask that you please schedule with us in advance. $30 for up to 4 hours. Discount Rate of $300 for up to 12 meetings per year, payable in advance. Other times may be available by appointment. Meetings must include one Active Member. Meetings can also be scheduled on other days based on availability. Please notify us in advance by calling or emailing Marcus Tolero, Marketing & Event Coordinator at or (415) 661-2700.

We wish all of our members, and friends a Happy New Year! Please remember to check back regularly on our website/social media, volunteer, verify we have your updated email and address, renew your membership and/or make a donation! All of this can be done on our website and or in person at the Center. Here’s to a brilliant 2019!

Michael Barnacle & Anne Cassidy Carew, on behalf of the Board of Directors