Dear Members

Happy New Year! 2016 has arrived and with it an incredible opportunity to celebrate our Irish heritage and move forward into our 41st year at the UICC. Sincere wishes from your UICC Board of Directors for good health and happiness and a year of celebration, hope and good will in 2016.

In 2016, it is the intent of the UICC to embark on an ambitious project to secure the future of the Center and its activities for at least 40 more years. Our Consul General of Ireland, Philip Grant, has pledged to stand by our community organizations and leaders as the course ahead is charted for our all-important future. There have been two meetings with community leaders and, under the capable direction of UICC Board member, Michael Barnacle, we will move forward. I have asked Michael to give you much more information regarding this important undertaking in our February Bulletin message.

Meanwhile, please be reminded of the very-important “immediate future” in our beloved UICC. Whether you are interested in Tuesday night trivia at the bar or hearing about the fascinating historical series on Irish Marvels on the afternoon of January 9th, or learning the nuances of the Irish language on the morning of January 9th, we are here and operating “full speed” on cultural and entertainment events at your UICC. I encourage you to access the dates and times of events at the Center elsewhere in the Bulletin or perhaps on the inside page of the Irish Herald. Bring your friends for some fine cuisine at our wonderful restaurant and, don’t forget to book early for late-winter or early-spring events in our banquet facilities. I can’t begin to tell you how many compliments we have received on our fine banquet and restaurant offerings during the holiday season!

Although the Rose of Tralee celebration event is scheduled for February 20th, the final date for candidate information submission is January 10th. Come on young ladies, this is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your abilities and Irish heritage. (Yours truly is running for the “Last Rose of Summer”! Anyone want to join that one?)

It is a delight to be your UICC President, but, as we begin the New Year, I have to inform all that this will be the last year of my presidency. Four years as your president have been wonderful. I will remain on the Board for two more years, but I look forward to leading from within the Board come May of 2016.

Once again, best wishes for a best year ever to all of you and your families and friends.

Judith Kell, President