Message from the Executive Director

As we move into the first part of 2018, we want to inform you of events happening at the Center.

It has been requested that we present a wide and diverse options to draw out some of the members who might not frequent the Center as often as some of the regulars. One of the requests was that we provide some family type offerings. In December we had the Family Pasta Night.

On March 22nd, we are presenting a Family “Slider” Night, featuring Beef sliders, Fried Chicken sliders, Corned Beef sliders and Salmon sliders along with a long list of salads and other tasty items finishing with an Ice Cream Sundae Station.

In April we will be offering an Asian Cooking Station Evening and on May 4th, right before Cinco de Mayo, we will be doing a Mexican night.

Beginning in February, every Thursday evening at dinner will be Half Price on Bottles of wine along with featuring a selected wine for the month. And…..bringing back happy hour prices on beverages on Thursday and Friday nights between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.

St. Patrick’s Day: This year the Parade and St. Patrick’s Day fall on the same day. Please join us for a traditional Irish Buffet on this day. The next day is the Block Party featuring events outside of the Center on 45th Avenue. The weekend will be a busy one so please plan accordingly.

We have had some car break ins along the street surrounding the Center. Cars have been targeted where people have left backpacks, purses and other items visible in the car. It only takes a few seconds for someone to break a window and take such items. Please be vigilant by putting items in the trunk of your car. We are also looking at updating our camera system to assist in monitoring the surrounding area of the Center.

It would assist us greatly if you are part of a group that holds meetings at the club, that you let the office know ahead of time when you like to use a part of the Center. Often a room will be set up for an upcoming event and the tables have to be reset prior to the event because a group has used the room. We want you to use the Center; just let us know ahead of time.

We have purchased two wheelchair ramps that are available to be used for entrance to the dining room and bar that can be put in place quickly for easy access. If anyone in your party needs the use of the ramps please let us know ahead of time and we will put them in place. In the past, those persons in wheelchairs have had to dine in the Member’s Room.

We have had to make some improvements on items here at the Center in the last few months. Like all homeowners who have to replace and improve their home over time, the Center needs continual care and updating of machinery and equipment. The Center has put in a new Walk-In Cooler in the 2nd Floor Kitchen; wash sinks in the kitchens; drapery for the stage; repair of the Wall Divider in the St. Patrick’s room; a new ice machine in the St. Patrick’s room and repair of condensers. Your donations go towards some of these improvements as some of the equipment has long gone past his shelf life.

Don’t forget to make reservations for the Guinness Dinner held on Wednesday, February 7th. This will be a particularly unique event as Chef Paul matches the beers of Guinness with hors d’oeuvres and a four- course meal. This is also the 200th anniversary of Guinness bringing their magic to the States. Guinness Brewery Ambassador Eoghain Clavin will be presenting and talking about the beers.

Look for February to begin with a new lunch menu. Through use of our point of sale system, we are able to keep track of items sold on a daily basis. Your particular favorite item may be substituted for a few months as we try some new items. We are trying to boost our lunch business to offer some varied items to appeal to all individuals. However, if we have items in stock that you would like to have, we would be more than happy to make it available for you.

Best Regards,

Robert Sparks, Executive Director