Ways to Donate

Thank You

Financial contributions and gifts in support of various programs and initiatives go a long way in ensuring we can carry out our mission to promote our Irish culture.

The UICC Generations Fund

The UICC Generations Fund was established to enhance the facilities of the UICC and to continue to provide and promote cultural programs to solidify the Center’s role as an enduring home for the preservation of Irish culture, heritage and brotherhood in San Francisco and the San Francisco Bay Area.


Leo Walsh Scholarship Program

Since 1994, the Leo Walsh Scholarship Program has awarded more than 670 scholarships to eighth graders and high school seniors entering the next level of their education. Through the hard work of volunteers, especially its founder Leo Walsh, the program has grown immensely over the years.


The Patrick J. Dowling Library

The Patrick J. Dowling Library, located on the ground floor of the UICC, contains more than 3,000 titles on  Ireland and Irish America: Archaeology, Architecture, Art, Biography, Cooking, Crafts, Genealogy, History, Immigration, Literature, Music, Mythology & Folklore, Religion, Sports, and Travel.


The Future Starts Now

Investing in the Next 50 Years

More than fifty years ago, a passionate alliance of individuals from diverse backgrounds united to establish a haven for the Irish community. This haven, the Irish Center, is the first Irish social center in the United States built entirely by volunteer labor and community contributions.

In the fall of 2020, a planning committee, comprised of dedicated and talented members and volunteers, gathered to explore several options to envision the Irish Center’s next 50 years. With extensive research, careful review and public feedback, plans have unfolded to ensure that the Irish Center continues to serve as both an icon in the San Francisco Bay area as well as a hub to bring people together to enjoy an array of cultural experiences for members, nonmembers and visitors alike.

Those who came before us didn’t just construct a center; they forged a legacy and strengthened a community. Together, we can capture that same collective spirit to successfully reimagine the next 50 years. It is time to honor our legacy and preserve our traditions!

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The Center is a largely volunteer-run organization and we can always use some able hands and new ideas. Please consider signing onto our volunteer list and help when and where you can. This is YOUR Center!