Special Thankto Our 1,200 Active Members

Our membership in the Center represents a commitment to maintaining the dream of our founders, and your Board realizes that we need to do a better job of re-engaging our 3,000 Charter Members and countless others who contributed to life at the Center for over 4 decades.

Today, only about 600 Charter Members continue to support the vision of our founders with Active Membership, among our entire Active roster of 1,200. The numbers and dues are inadequate to address pressing capital improvement issues, and provide more Cultural programming.

So, how do we get our members back? How do we preserve the role of UICC as the de facto Center of all things Irish in San Francisco and the Bay Area?

This is the challenge of Board after Board here at the UICC, and this Board will be relentless in seeking your advice. We will have a Forum at the Center this November to present a vision for the future to the entire Irish Community that we hope you will embrace. The Irish Government and our San Francisco Consulate are squarely behind us, so we hope you will participate when the Forum is announced.

In the meantime, we are taking steps to enhance our programming, including music and other events at the bar and restaurant. Take time to visit! You might be pleasantly surprised.

Tell your Board what you think! We can be reached at: Board@IrishCenterSF.org


Michael Barnacle
President, UICC Board of Directors