Dear Members, 

The Center, survived a very busy March and I just wanted to take the opportunity to acknowledge the hard working board, employees, volunteers and Knights Catering staff for an amazing month! Every single one of you made the Center shine and sparkle! We had events at the Center that took many volunteers to run- Our board member, Rebecca Moran and The Rose of Tralee team planned and executed an amazing Rose of Tralee event- a big thank you goes out to all of them : Shiela Ashtiani, Emer Braddock, Róisín Hunt, Patricia Keehan, Rosie Keehan, Fiona Tolley and Marie Woods, Committee Chairwoman. I also want to say a huge “Thank You” to Mark and Molly Burke and all the volunteers they helped coordinate- please see list below. Thank you to the hardworking folks that helped with the fixing of the heater and the dishwasher, installing a water heater, changing our locks, and helping with the audit. It takes a team- a strong, focused and determined team to accomplish great things!

On March 3rd, the Center lost another amazing and instrumental charter member, John Brosnan. He was no ordinary charter member – he gave many hours and years to the center. According to the book “Irish Dream Accomplished”, he served on the board from 1972-1974 and returned 1988-1990. As I continued to flip through the pages of the book, the photos show John standing atop of a steel beam and lifting walls and heavier beams with a team of men. He was significant in developing the idea and seeing it through with a team that would create the Center and also accomplish a dream that would be recognized as a testament to the Irish legacy in San Francisco.

So, let’s continue that dream. Diarmuid Philpott stated it best, also found in the book when he was President, January 2000, “As we continue into the 21st century, there is an emphatic need for an Irish Cultural Center…but we must realize that the center cannot exist on wishes alone. The sacrifice of those who built and maintained the Center must not be forgotten. The younger generation must step forward and continue the work begun by their predecessors. Through their efforts and support, the Irish Center will march confidently through the new century.” These words, almost 20 years later, still echo the truth.

I am honored to follow in the footsteps of incredible contributors to the Center and keeping the dream alive. Let’s learn from the past mistakes and challenges and move this forward to the next chapter. The Center is a story and it has a story to be told. Be a part of the storytelling. Be a part of the Center’s future. Let’s turn the page and begin our new chapter.

Anne Cassidy Carew, President

We have attempted to gather the names of all volunteers that have supported the Center in March.

If we miss anyone, we will acknowledge them in April. If we misspelled a name, we will correct it in April.

Ann Aherne
Pat Aherne
Michael Barnacle
Josephine Brogan
Barbara Burgess
Mark Burke
Molly Burke
Anne Carew
Ed Carew
Breda Cassidy
Brian Cassidy
Jo Coffey
Jeanne Connolly
Shannon Durkan
Brian Gaffney
Patricia Hayes
Rose Hayes

Morgan Kulla
Marilyn Lara
Jim McFadden
Kathleen McDonough
Eileen McHugh
Thomas McKeon
Brendan McKeon
Kathy McKeon
Kathleen McKeon
Michael McKeon
Donagh McKeown
Ailish McVeigh
Barbara McVeigh
Rebecca Moran
Joe Murphy
Maureen Murphy
Mike Murphy Jr.

Dan Nevin
Peggy Nevin
Maggie Overbay
Liam Reidy
Carmelle Reiser
Dave Reiser
Mitzi Samson
Harvey Samson
Harvey Patrick Samson Jr.
Mary Teahan
Ligia Torres
Michele Trierweiler
Brendan Walsh
John Walsh
Kelli Walsh
Marie Woods
Michelle Zauss