‘My Great Grandfather and his Friends Built this place!’
‘Hey, want to see pictures of my great grandparents when they were young? Follow me down the hall to the San Francisco Irish History Pavilion, it’s right next to the Library and Genealogy Center. Did I tell you that my Gramma’s wedding was the very first one here at the Center in 1975? There are pictures of her and grandpa too in the History Pavilion! Let me show you!’

Dear Members,

Can you believe there are young people in our community who can now utter these words with tremendous pride? This is a legacy that so many of our Founding and long-term Members can be proud of. Let’s keep the momentum going until we become the premiere home of Irish Culture in the entire USA.

You have probably noticed a few improvements to the building, all done, just in time for a phenomenal March Madness surrounding St. Patrick’s Day.

We’ve also hired a fantastic Restaurant & Bar Manager, named Ian O’Hare, who held a similar position at Café Flor on Market St. Ian hails from Dublin, and is pulling the team together and improving our service levels in the bar and restaurant already. This also gives Teresa Moore time to focus her energies on improving and growing our banquets business. The restaurant, bar, and banquets are showing good growth over the past several months.

Patty Hayes, with extensive human resources during her tenure at the State Dept. is leading the charge on evaluating our organizational strength. We are proceeding with caution on additional hiring right now, while we develop a long-term organizational plan with each position clearly defined and appropriate compensation plans in place.

The Generations Fund Committee is being called back into action, with our first 2017 meeting in April/May. We are looking for volunteers to put time and energy into our sub-committee work, so let us know if you are interested. Anne Carew is leading a team to explore fundraising options, so let her know if you have any suggestions. We also hope to report soon on initial building upgrade possibilities that will require fundraising!

We’ve already begun receiving some financial commitments toward our Generations fund, and remember, these donations are now Tax Deductible. No gift is too small, or too large!

Your Board of Directors