Message from the Executive Director

The Board and Staff would like to thank the membership for renewing their dues. As of this writing we have roughly 1,200 members and close to $114,000 in collected dues. For those of you who have not yet paid your dues, there is still time to be an active member of the United Irish Cultural Center. Remember that both dues and donations are tax deductible!

Have you ever considered serving on a committee here at the Center? We are actively seeking individuals to participate on committees such as the Nominating, Finance, Cultural Programming, Heritage, Building Design and Facilities. If you have an expertise in these fields, your input would be greatly appreciated. Please email me at

Thank you to the members that joined us at the Center in February for the Guinness Night with a four-course meal. Five varied offerings of Guinness were presented with the excellent food prepared by Chef Paul Lara and his staff. The best question asked of the Guinness ambassador was “Why does Guinness taste better in Ireland?” His answer was not that they save the best stout for Ireland, but that the average pub in Ireland goes through at least one keg in a day and therefore the keg is always fresh providing that smooth wonderful taste. Not that the Center doesn’t go through quite a bit of stout here, but you consider that the average person in Ireland would have at least three pints in an evening, the consumption is quite higher.

Don’t forget to sign up for the many events held here in the month of March and join us for the St. Patrick’s day celebration with the traditional corned beef and cabbage meal upstairs in the banquet room following the annual parade. The Block Party will be the next day on Sunday with entertainment for the kids, hot dogs, corn dogs and cottage pie along with a Guinness Truck parked outside with multiple taps.

Best Regards,

Robert Sparks, Executive Director