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Thank you for your interest in donating items to the library. Without the generous donations of reading materials, there would be no library. The library, however, currently has a storage room full of donations and is running out of shelf space within the library’s walls. To alleviate the situation, the library has initiated the following donation guidelines and procedure.


  • Donor must consult with the librarian before transporting the donation to the library
  • The library only accepts materials and items relating to Ireland and Irish-America.
  • All books must be in excellent condition and not need any repair. Library will not accept damaged, stained, warped, yellowed, moldy, or marked up items. All reading materials must be odor free, have covers and no missing pages.
  • We request that prospective donors check their titles with those listed on the library’s webpage (, click “Library” tab) before transporting the donation to the library as they may already be in the library’s collection. Alternatively, donor may mail or email a list of the titles they wish to donate before transporting them to the library so that library staff can determine if they are already in the library’s collection.
  • Donations must be transported to the library during library hours. Alternative arrangements will be made only with the librarian’s approval. When possible, staff will check books in donor’s presence.
  • The library may transfer or dispose of any accepted material as best suits the purposes of this institution.
  • For donation under $5,000, donor is requested to complete, sign and submit ICCC In-Kind Donation Form to librarian with donation.
  • For donation over $5,000, donor is requested to complete, sign and submit IRS Form 8283 Noncash Charitable Contributions to librarian with donation. Note: Donor has the burden of proof to determine the donation’s monetary worth.
  • If the donor’s books do not fit the library’s criteria, we recommend donating them to Friends of the San Francisco Public Library, Phone: (415) 771-3777, website:

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