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Irish Star—US; June 2023

Keepers of the Steps
The San Francisco group trying to preserve the history of Irish dance in the US. San Francisco’s Irish dancing history dates back to the 1800s…


Irish CENTRAL—US; MAY 2023

How Irish dance is being preserved by a cultural group in SF
Keepers of the Steps at the United Irish Cultural Center of San Francisco started as a historical exhibition about Irish dance…


Irish Echo—US; April 2023

Irish American literary icons to spell out hopes for future at Buffalo arts galabr />IFive of Irish America’s most-revered writers will will turn the page on a new chapter for Irish artists in the U.S. when they take part in a panel at the Irish Arts Awards in Buffalo, NY on 28 April…


Irish Echo —US; APRIL 2023

2023 Arts & Culture Awards Eileen Mize
Eileen Mize is a proud third-generation San Francisco Irish American with deep family ties as the eldest of six and holds a degree in English from the University of California at Davis…


Facebook—US; November 2022

How Irish dance is being preserved by a cultural group in SF….




Outside Lands Podcast Episode 445

—January 2022

Keepers of the Steps
This week’s podcast celebrates 150 years of Irish dance in San Francisco with a trio of special guests: Anne Cassidy Carew, Eileen Mize, and Jamie O’Keefe. They tell us about the United Irish Cultural Center’s exhibition called “Keepers of the Steps”….

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Irish Dance museum collection celebrating the history of Irish step dancing in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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