Ghost storytelling at the United Irish Cultural Center

Our Ghost Storytelling Night is happening at the United Irish Cultural Center on Friday Oct 28th at 8pm


The ancient Celtic festival of Samhain is almost upon us. The day when spirits from the Other World come to visit. It has long since been subsumed by the Christian faith as Hallow Eve, followed by All Souls day and then All Saint’s Day. In those days of long ago, the Celts adopted costumes and masks so that returning spirits, perhaps with evil intent, would not recognize them and pass along to frighten others. A custom of reparation to those visitors, in the form of perhaps a piece of cake or offering also emerged, in respect to the unwelcome “ghosts”. Later this custom transformed into the practice of trick or treat we know so well today as millions of children around the world, some adults too, knock at our doors asking “trick or treat”. 

Jack O'Lantern United irish cultural center

Jack O’Lantern

The Irish culture and folklore has a rich tradition of telling stories, and most definitely, many of those are about ghosts. On Friday October 28th we’ll be having a Ghost storytelling night at the Center. I’ll be the senchai, telling a few of those stories, encouraging you to tell some of yours. We have a special Ghost Hunter from Clones, Co Monaghan, joining us by the wonders of the Internet, who will regale us about some of her adventures and stories. Most of all, we want to hear your stories too. Come along for 8pm. It’s a free event and should be a great evening.

On Saturday Oct 29th we’re having a Samhain/Halloween Costume Party from 9pm in the main bar. I’ll be DJ for the night. It’s another free event. Come in costume or in your regular Saturday night. I’ll be wearing my false face. I haven’t taken it off since last year!   🙂

Samhain Costume party at the United Irish Cultural center

Come to our Samhain Costume Party at the United Irish Cultural Center